Friday, 28 January 2011

Moving In...

Welcome to my new blog, it will take me a little while to move in, spruce the place up.

In the mean time you can view work on my old blog.

Dissertation is calling me, when that is all done and dusted I will update this page post-haste!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Some randoms

Im using the moleskin a bit more for doodles thanpreviously.

The robots graveyard idea might be developed a bit more in my upcoming project... still thinking out the details.

These were all done on public transport, go me.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Final Batch

I am running out of patience / time with these boards. If I have time later in the night, I might do one more stretch, though tbh I think I have a fair amount to play with.

These scenes follow directly after the previous uploads, the characters are hiding down an alley as they decide to go to Evelyn's flat. And then a rather silly trip up some stairs.


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

On the other hand;

Even more storyboards

These are two short sequences, didnt see the point in uploading seperately.

The script jumps between two time periods - I have decided to focus on Evelyn and Mary's evasion of the govt., the "past" element of the script. It was visually more interesting than the "present" story, of Evelyn's younger brother. I will touch more on this later.

More story boards

So, whenever I look and read about storyboards, people seem to say that even stickmen will suffice. Even if my characterisation is flawed in the sequence, I doubt you could get confused with who is who.

Im taking too long getting these done, its probbly the colouring which is fucking me up. Its taken me about 4 hours to do 18 frames. Hmm. Well. We shall see how this rolls.

In some respects, I went a bit overboard with colouring, but it definitely helps identifying the characters.