Tuesday, 16 February 2010

First batch...

Oh dear, formatting is such a hassle...

Firstly there is a collection of book covers which I found interesting or inspirational...

Here is a collection of Edwardian/Victorian research... luvverly...

Ok, my initial book choice was Kipps, so below are some thumbnail sketches for the cover. Just toying with ideas to do with Kipps... the hat not fitting, a small house against a mansion, a social ladder ... a hat stand...

below, first batch of true thumbnails, from top left-

1. An arrow spewing £ signs like a rocket, rising above the top hat silhouette. Attempting to show he was propelled in to upper class instead of rising in to it;
2. the social ladder, juxtaposed against a top hat;
3. A small house, contrast against a mansion;
4. playing on the social ladder concept, here a staircase to a top hat, all in silhouette;
5. First example of the oversized top hat dwarfing Kipps' head... implying ''not fitting in'', that he is unable to fill the requirements of the hat
6. Developing the hat idea, so it incorporates a mansion in to the silhouette
7. developing the social ladder idea, once again a staircase but with Kipps being represented as an ant climbing giant stairs
8. square block in to a circle hole etc, showing ''not fitting in''
9. jigsaw puzzle, a black piece in a white board, or a missing piece...

page 2 below, thumbnails for Kipps, from top left again,

1, 2 and 4. a £ sign being used as a hat stand...
3, 5 and 6. a mansion silhouette witha ladder up to it, two showing a small house, one showing a hand pulling up towards the mansion
7. a lotto ticket, pretty easy idea, would likely be rendered in greyscale... look like a high contrast photocopy... Showing 'luck' in Kipps' llife
8. bit silly, a top hat with the social ladder dangling from it.
9. a yellow unhappy smiley in a top hat and suit.
and below again, from top left -

1. unhappy smiley in a suit and top hat, this time with £ signs for eyes. pretty self explanatory.
2. dotsdotsdotsdots and one red dot. In the conformity of the upper social class, Kipps stands out like a sore thumb, or a red dot in a pattern of black dots.
3. same as 2, but with a triangle instead of a dot
4. a question mark on a displaced jigsaw piece
5. just a black jigsaw piece / hole...

More due!

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