Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sorry for down time

Hoy, I havent been upping anything since last week as I have been concentrating on getting the story fleshed out. Way I see it, I have some rough characters to play around with in my head, then I need the story in order to realise settings and things which may need to be edited for character designs (such as, if a character is going to have matrix-style access ports across their body, this needs to be reflected in the character design blah blah)
So now I have my story, I am creating a 'name', its essentially super rough pencil page's showing layout and snippets of dialogue. Everything is changeable, but by getting this done it also helps me realise a. if the story flows well and b. roughly how many pages the final version will have.
For example, two paragraphs of the story I have written have translated to 7 comic pages.

This does not bode well, as my story is 8 pages long.

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