Saturday, 18 September 2010

On Kinect and Playstation Move

My favourite collection of images here... due to the debauchery featured...

An article which basically discusses the imminent release of motion controls on the 360 and PS3... motion controls are a flawed system in terms of total immersion. As the article points out, if you want to swing a baseball bat you usually press the button to swing - instant reaction. If you have to physically swing your arms it takes a moment for the machine to realise your action, process whats happening, and show the results on screen. This sort of delay jars the immersion, thus diluting the gaming experience.

However, motion controls are not designed with the sort of audience in mind who care about cinematic beauty and such... no, its aimed at the casual market...

There are however, a few things which might be interesting with Kinect, which I have highlighted...

initial ideas

more initial ideas...

Developed ideas... And yes, there is adult content here... CLOSE UPS!
These two images riff off of the Milo "game" with Kinect. Its a fascinating program where you can talk to a little boy and lure him to your digital bed.
This image was tweaked a bit on PS, I beg your forgiveness but a scanner I do not have. This is probably a bit too geeky, and you would need to use your imagination, but this image would have a very comic booky splash across it saying something along the lines of "A REVOLUTION IS COMING!! The adventures of PSPGO and Virtual Boy! Coming soon to HD-DVD!" ... so yeah, just riffing off the fact the virtual boy was a failure, PSPGO is a current failure and HD-DVD was a failure... and also the format M$ supported in the HD format wars.

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