Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Character Design (for some storyboards)

So, I needed a mini-project (storyboards) to pad out my major project (or so I have been informed by a couple of tutors).

This mini-project is two-fold, firstly, design the look of the major players. Secondly, storyboard the script.

Initially, I started storyboarding from the start, with the intention of producing EVERYTHING. Then I remembered that not EVERYTHING needs to be boarded, so I am now going to focus on major events in the script.

Anyway, here are the character designs - not much of a description was given to me, so I had to chase the script writer up for some info...
 Percy: A civilian, wears glasses, looks like Jeff Goldblume in ID4. That was literally what I was told. So I drew Jeff Goldblume in ID4.
 Evelyn: ragged looking, straggly hair, facial hair, ex-military, trenchcoat.
I took this and ran with it a bit, added a couple of my own ideas. Initially I had him in just a red hoody, but Grant wanted the trench coat for that military feel. I think the trenchcoat is a layer too many, but no matter.
 Mary: French resistance-look, stripey top, beret, long scarf, long bob.
Very well recieved in feedback session. I was not exactly aiming for anatomical correctness here...
Oscar: short military buzz cut, armed forces.
Initially, Grant wanted him in naval attire. This would be a bit of a pain in the arse, and tbh, camo is much easier to recognise on a storyboard, so my suggestion reigned supreme.

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