Friday, 21 October 2011

Monster Mash

It was a graveyard smash.

Neil Gaiman is holding a mini competition to design a poster which could end up in bookshops across the land to advertise buying / giving books at halloween. Its called All Hallows Read.

So, I collected all the roughs up in to one image - I was originally thinking of having one kid sitting down in the bottom 'strip' and having a monster be situated in the background, possible with a quote to back up the image - but then I hit a mini wall. I originally intended to have a cute kid in the foreground reading some horror books - horror books which are questionable reading for young kids ofc. My original designs were making a link between the kid reading the book which was pictured in the background - this bothered me, so I had to think of a workaround.

I then tried more of a 'spooked by the book' approach in the second image, but I think I have settled on the third image - its a bit more of a 'wonder' image than a 'scary' image, though I think that works better here - it re-inforces the idea that books are wonderous things, and doesnt worry me about limiting the audience.

Hope that made sense.

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