Monday, 3 May 2010

combat robot

ok, so my comic has a fight scene which sprawls across about ten pages. The protagonist fights a combat robot in an arena, so this means I need to design an opponent! I initially pencilled something top heavy, with similar aesthetics as the main Pinnochio - torso atop a spine, bulky forearms on tube-like arms, similar detailing across the body.
So, I looked at the doodles I had and began development, the products of which you can see above. The middle page was where I began, the choice to develop being...

... this one here. He sports a similar look to Pin10, but is a lot chunkier... Wasnt sure about hte spine/pelvis, it looks like a piece of meat strung up... leading to...

This looks proportionally wrong for what I want, however the details are coming out, and the pelvis makes more sense to me now. I had Joey's voice in the back of my head telling me to do ball and sockets, but I don't want to show them on this character, as during the fight scene he does some stuff which requires a level of mystery in the detail... so I can get away with not showing it. CU's of the pelvis below

Finally, the hand. I wanted three fingers on a pronounced ball on the end of the chunky forearm. To escape any questions of HOW DOES THE JOINTS WORK well simple, the fingers and 'fist' are all magnetic, so they are all linked with nothing more than magnetism. That is the beauty of sci fi. It also means that the fingers could theoretically slide all over the 'fist; if needed, so whilst Im sure it would have its uses in certain situations, it is also likely a design flaw.

Thats kind of what Im aiming for with this design, to highlight that this giant chunky robot is just another step in the development. It's top heavy. It's overly chunky. Its nimble for its size, but is still a large target. I also hoped that the details which decorate its arms and legs give the impression its 'down', that its gravitating towards the floor TO LOSE brap.

I will do a 'final design' shortly, keep you posted internet

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