Saturday, 16 April 2011

Mock Book

Dear. God. This has been a bit of a nightmare.

I just gotta move on the finals. My dialogue is crappy, but I cant do much about that, because English never was my strong suit.


  1. Wow Dave, I'm REALLY impressed. Great stuff!

  2. elephants are excellent balloon makers! AWESOME! Tommy is too cute ps. Is he going to be a blue baby elephant? I think blue would suit him better than grey :)
    love Claire

  3. Many thanks you two. My plan isn't to have him be BLUE, but a grey-blue - The page which is coloured was a mock page I did, and the reason he is _so_ grey is because (I hope its clear enough) it is night time.

    But yeah, he will definitely have a blue body. Also Max will be orange - see for reference

  4. I can;t wait to see the final one! So good! :)