Thursday, 28 April 2011


OK, so I am a day or two behind. Today's page took SO LONG to finish.

Oh yeah, I have yet to put in the speech bubbles. I just wanted to get the art done first before worrying about the text - tbh, I need to print these either Friday/Saturday to see how they look on paper.

There's a few notes if you fancy a read...

 Pg 09
 - The characters bleed over their 'profile' circle, this is something I will mask out later when I flatten each character down when I'm happy with the textures colour balances etc.
- Whilst the yellow BG is a touch overpowering, I think when I get the speech bubbles in it will calm things down a bit.

Pg 10
 - I am pretty happy with this page, not too sure about the simple backgrounds but these pages were always meant to be character-centric.

Pg 15
 - Pretty happy with this too, got all the textures in that I care about, just worried if it will read as 'night time' in the book.

Pg 16
- Pretty happy with this too, even if it did take a DAY AND A HALF. I do not like spending too long on a piece.
- Not sure about the green and blue panels in the middle strip, though the main colours for the two page spread are blue/green, so it could just be a game of tweaking the tones.

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