Monday, 22 March 2010

Monstro - whale of a time

Easily the character I have developed the most is Monstro. From the original text Monstro is a giant dogfish, yet Walt Disney went with a giant whale (likely so the kids arent scared). Monstro's existence in my tale has changed a lot... at one time I a leviathan travelling through space, also a scorpion and (effectively) a dump truck. I went a little star wars expanded universe and remembered the dominating World Devestator's from the Dark Empire comics...
But still, I came back to the water. Monstro is a symbol of death and (re)birth. Whilst the film kills the marionette off almost instantly after they leave the whales belly, the book has Gepetto and Pinocchio take refuge for some time in the Crickets house, until the Blue Fairy grants life to the puppet.
Water is a female symbol... Pinocchio is practically born in the escape from Monstro, as though escaping the womb, finally being born from the mother correctly instead of born from the father...

This is the first batch of Monstro photos.. Initial ideas first!


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