Monday, 22 March 2010

Pinocchio - more toy than boy

I have three main directions for Pinocchio, so I am going to make an update for each...

As a brief introduction, the story will be set in a futuristic world with a hint of A.I. and Final Fantasy XIII added in for good measure. As I am still undecided as to the plot, I can not decide whether one type of Pinocchio is better than another, so I will just post everything I have done so far and will refrain from developing Pinocchio too much until I have the story tied to a sheet of paper.

So this Pinocchio is the traditionally wooden/robotic type, I started thinking of bug eyes and a screw nose which might slowly unscrew and tumble out the more he lies... But dropped the bug eyes cos it looked way too alien.
The more grim looking top hat marionette was a random idea... As I still have the narrative floating in my head I did consider an angry looking Pinocchio... not sure why he is wearing a vest/apron...
From this batch, I then started teetering towards the version with a battery in his chest... The crows have importance, which will be touched upon later, I am sure. You can see on the second page of the third image, an upside down Pinocchio head with a siren on his head... made sense for lying?

if I am gonig to be honest, this is my least favourite version of the three... not sure why. Bad David.

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