Thursday, 25 March 2010

Random designs (update E-102 rip off)

These are a bit random, but are for Pinnochio. There is a possibility of hover bikes in this future, and a strong possibility of a combat robot which Pinnochio will fight against. This is me having a little doodle. The second, grey version is top heavy and awkward looking, but I see that as a good thing for a possible fight sequence... Except the small under-torso mounted triple barrel gun ... I wanna cut that... Add's nothing to it.

I might theme the robot designs to appear like Chess pieces, so that even if he only fights one or two, there are other versions sitting in the background which are alluded to be other training versions...Like a Rook-type would be good at direct combat, but come unstuck from a blindspot... a Knight would be acrobatic but loses track of its opponents easily... Bishop could have a good peripheral field of vision, but is shit up close... Queen is fantastic up close or afar, but can be 'out-danced'... King is a powerhouse but slow... Pawn's are small and direct on their own, but when teamed up with another unit unlock their true potential... And thats just what I came up with whilst blab-typing.

Oh and the top left hover bike is badly drawn... its just this idea I have had for a bit... a guy face-on... still havent got it down though... but this will serve as referece if I ever get around to developing the image... MAYBEITNEEDSSPEEDLINES!?

Bah, did a doodle hoping to imitate the 4 legged walker from Akira, ended up looking like E-10FUCKING2 Gamma from Sonic Adventure. Still, maybe I should consider that robot for ref... I did like him...

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