Friday, 5 March 2010



  1. I like them, except the text. The text is horrendous.

    The publisher's logo should probably also be on the spine as well.

    The text on the front right "should" be on the back, within the red, next to the bar-code, no? As long as you have a reason for it to be there I'm sure it's fine, but it does distract from your lovely illustration.

    Why square? Again, if you have a good reason I'm sure it's fine, but all your images are portrait, and so it would make sense for the book shape to be too. Also, square is kinda children's book invoking.

    The illustrations and limited pallet are rather fab though.

  2. its a wraparound sleeve, I guess its not that clear. I agree though, at the very least the pricing information should be on the back, but its too late, I have printed these.

    And yes, the text is semi-bad. I wanted something handwriety but not too much calligraphy... iFail. Im gonna play around with the text and print off some text variations in black and white tonight, to just show that I had sexond thoughts on the text.

    Im an illustrator dammit! not a graphics boy!

  3. It's obvious that it's a sleeve, but why is it square?

    You have plenty of time to print on Monday.

  4. Oh, oh, nevermind, I get it. The price etc is the inside cover of the front. I suddently like it more. Cool.