Saturday, 9 October 2010

100th Post! nothing amazing to show right now... *UPDATE

bit disappointing I guess, not having something a bit more epic to show... Its all the ideas I keep shooting between myself and Joey lulz. Anyway, just a little doodle to perhaps inspire Joey, building on the unfixed placement of the wolfs anatomy when its in 'smoke' mode. Thus could even lead to its features distorting as well as shifting, such as HUGE eyes or a MASSIVE mouth. You get the idea.

This might be interesting - after Joey said he was ok with panel layout being more.. fruity... and after seeing one of his images of a CU of the wolfs mouth, I thought COMBINE R G Y Herbs. So I extended my health bar a bit. I think so anyway.

UPDATE: knocked this out, as a refresh of 9.
Would like to keep this S drawing the eye snaking down... Infinity symbol not necessary? Did not even realise I put it in there... I have probbly drawn him too close to the floor, and tbh I should have done MUCH more epic perspective on that pencil. Srsly.

Update 2: I like the angle of the pencil and the lower half. I think I was puttng too much emphasis on the lower half previously, when there ISNT that much going ON in the bottom half. This way, its closer to 50/50 , and the line of the pipe looks more like it was drawn by the pencil. Which is nice.

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