Friday, 8 October 2010

Perhaps this will clarify something...

take the left hand image of the wolf crashing (here) as the start of the sequence I am uploading. The Wolf hits the dirt, its shadowy form pulsing and undulating as it regains some of its composure...

sorry I put yellow in the eyes, I was just accentuating them for ease of viewing. Anyway, I think it might be nice if the visual components of its skull kind of.. float.. around the shadowy mess as it re-forms. Anyway, it kinda half re-forms and then lunges.

to SMOTHER the protagonist. Dunno why I keep drawing him as Wally/Waldo. The top right is taken from the image linked at the top as well. In summary, protagonist is trapped, the CU of the pencil will accompany a line which is something likeeee "I had to face my fears" etc, leading to the swipe. This swipe will probably annoy Joey, and tbh it annoys myself a little bit, because it cuts out a really nice sideways slice we have been working on. There is a few ways around this, I can try and be less literal in my panelling, leave more of it up to the viewer, or I can do what I did here and have a white outline (done crappily here)... Ah, we will think it through I am sure.

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