Monday, 4 October 2010

Technical Difficulties

Due to technical difficulties, ala the trains being rubbish, Joey and I will be bouncing ideas around blogger for the day.

Here are rough spreads, in some cases I over worked the image so will try and explain whats going on...


This is a little more troublesome, the right page is meant to show the character picking up a pencil / hovering the pencil over the canvas (which is the viewpoint) / slashing a line across the canvas / a high angle view of working in to the canvas / finishing up working in to the drawing.

I think this makes sense, on page 5 we start with a full view of the canvas, the protagonist looking chuffed with himself, then leaning over to get a close look at something... THE PAW IS EMERGING!?
This leads to shock on page 6, and running away as the wold escapes from the canvas as it clutters to the floor.

 Probably drop the first exclamation panel, leave it as blank space. CU of the eye looking down at the pencil in his hand. on page 8, draws a circle on the wall, and goes through.

 change of location, running along some pipes m'kay.

 the wolf leaps from the pipe, the protagonist looks back

 has come to the end of the pipe, and now draws a door!

slowed the pace here, as the hero is about to walk away, decides he wants one last glimpse and draws a peep hole...

Wolf breaks down the door...

the two face off. Page 20 is littered with problems, no lie. The wolf steps forward once, twice, thrice, and leaps. A close up of the protagonists hand focuses on the eraser of the pencil (here shown in the left hand : /)

 and SLICES through the wolf with his eraser!

 The marks left over take a new form, butterflys, which flutter in the sunset (or rise!?) light

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