Thursday, 7 October 2010

Nu Roughs 1-9

I am still having trouble with the middle three or four pages, but these few spreads should show the refresh deliciously.

 1-2, the left page showing a traditionally drawn / painted 'self portrait' by the main character, but out of hte corner of his eye, in his peripheral range, a problem (starting life as a wolf cub) has appeared.

3-4, fairly plain spread with a 2x2 on the left page, showing the cub gradually growing in the background, until he turns around and - on page 4 - the wolf is massive. Also, whilst hard to see, there is a plan to show the pencil drawing 'come to life' as it were, so as to give the first use of the 'magic pencil' WHICH ISNT MAGIC its just a tool. just. a. tool. Couple more things, the wallpaper might end up being clouds, if it does the clouds will turn stormy as the wolf gets bigger, and the paper around it will degrade and go mouldy etc.

5-6, a nice little double page spread, should be self explanatory - the wolf has leapt and the hero has ducked as it bounds through the canvas.

Alternate 5-6, which was actually my first draft. I feel like the one above is stronger, but this might have use later... or Joey may prefer it. Who knows.

7-8, this would probably look better flopped, but you get the idea, it is holding a chunk of canvas in its mouth...

9, this is where things start to get tricky - also, the 'I ran' quote doesnt really fit considering he is crouching drawing a circle around himself... effectively, I am drawing that he will go down a network of tunnels and hide, and whilst sliding around the pipe might be fun to start, it soon becomes lonely, and the 'problem' will always catch up...

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  1. First image needs epic perspective I think. The middle ones are odd because it seems to me like that would be the perfect time to use comic book style panels of sequence and you haven't? Lol. Just to make it clear, I'm not totally against them *where appropriate*. I love the idea for the last image. I think it ill work really well visually.

    As for the wolf breaking through the canvas, I see that event as being the "NOW YOU HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO ME" moment. I think it may be conveyed better if instead of breaking it, he simply knocks it over. Like, he bounds towards it and knocks it... I'll scribble this down.

    I have some sketched up ideas which, I doubt you'll use, but I'll upload them later. I've also made some textures and I'll take them to some of your roughs later on.