Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Summer Project A - GI.biz

Both article A and B will feature the same intro, so if you read one, no need to go through the other...

For those of you who do not know, for the summer project I decided to do editorial illustrations, but with a TWIST. I wanted to create responses on subject matter close to my heart, so decided to do some internet scouting and picked two journo's who focus on video games - 1. Rob Fahey of GI.biz and 2. Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw with Extra Punctuation.

The reason I picked two, and these two specifically? They wite articles on both sides of the games industry coin: Fahey's articles lean towards the business matters, the who's who of the industry, but doesnt always stick to games-JUST-games. Yahtzee's editorials veer towards games as art, whether it be as light hearted as reminiscing about the quality of older games, or trolling the failings of modern companies.

So now, with 4 responses per person, I feel this is enough to finish up and concentrate wholly on the new project. Onward!

* * *

Project A focuses on the GI.biz responses, I will link the original article as the title, give a short description of the article, and then two images - one of the response illustration, and the second a quick knock up in PhotoShop of how it would look.
P.S. to read the full articles, you need to sign up to the GI.biz website...

 An article concerning Google, and their possible expansion in to the games industry. The article mentions that Google has many assets it COULD use to expand in to other markets, so, a Tooled Up Android it is.

An article looking at Disney and their expansion in to the social gaming market - whilst RISK is not a part of their strategy, I felt that the board game RISK summed up their move quite aptly...

An article weighing up the choices of Microsoft in terms of their Kinect pricing strategy.

An article about Apple's realization that the games industry is profitable, and they are sitting on a potential goldmine of a user base. The Xbox logo sits off to the side, will they / won't they ever do a handheld? I decided to go with a Dad's Army feel, because thats what it is now - a handheld war. Not everyone will get the reference, but everyone should understand the visuals.

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