Monday, 11 October 2010

Today, we...

Did some work. This is a neat-ish version of the book Joey and myself were fooling with today. Joey and I both agree on certain pages needing a spruce, but for the most part.. I think the story is there.

I did tweak one sequence slightly on my way home, which I am certain Joey will love me for, which I will explain when I get to it...

0 - 1
tweaked so the portrait is smaller, allowing for a patch of wall to show behind and a text box to be put underneath, serving as a short introduction...
 2 -3
 4 - 5 :
 6 - 7
I personally like this image, but Joey has an issue with it. So I will endeavour to adjust this once I get a chance - but as a base, the idea is - Wolf knocks over / destroys canvas...
 8 - 9
I decided to switch out from the page 8 I had drawn originally, because it looked craptacular.
 10 - 11
Need to drag the protagonist back a little so he doesnt interfere with hte right hand panels. Speaking of the right hand panels, if there IS a comically entered BOOM or similar, it might end up going between the top and bottom panel... OR. it may just end up staying where it is. Its nice in one way though, with the boom drawing the eye to the right of the page, dragging you over like a PTO on a letter...
 12 - 13
Possibly too cliche for Joey, but the smokey veins running along cracks in the ground... is always nice...
 ORIGINAL 14 - 15
OKAY this is where it gets tricky. There is something about the ORIGINAL 16-17 which makes me feel a bit odd. I think its cos it effectively does everything the ORIGINAL 14-15 Wolf does, and changes form to a more serpent-like appearance no given reason...
 NEW 14-15
SO I decided to tweak thnigs a little. This follows the initial set up of the very smokey wolf in the distance, gradually reforming as it gets closer. Why is he sinking in quick sand? A line of text perhaps! How about "I was stuck", which could be taken literally, or metaphorically... Oh and how about a quote from the dream moods website!

To dream that you are sinking in quicksand, indicates feelings of insecurity. You have misjudged the solid foundation that you are on. Perhaps you have mistakenly gotten too comfortable in some situation. You need to pay attention to what you are doing and where you are going.
 ORIGINAL 16 - 17
It seemed nice when I first drew it... now... It doesnt fit?
 NEW 16 - 17
And the problem overcame me...

But here the wolf is up close, there is no escape, HE IS UPON US.

 18 - 19
But then I realised...
 20 - 21
 22 - 23
All I had to do was confront the problem...

I agree with Joey, this page could be done better, perhaps some more panels showing the degradation of the wolfs... form... surrounding the protagonist, and showing the birds trailing off...
 24 - END
This is meant to be a nice little finale, another line meant to look like it came out of a dictionary... But this has a more positive look on it. The Nightmare became a Dream

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